Picnic on the water

By Eric Ziengs

Last updated February 13, 2023

Being on the water

Recreative harbors and canals around the world where hidden gems of life and joy emerges. This is where the perfect surroundings for a cozy picnic on the water with your loved ones evolves. The atmosphere on the water is something quite special. And if you were to ask us, sailing on the the water is where you’ll find the perfect spot for a picnic. When you bring your picnic out on the water and go sailing you'll experience a new and exciting way to see the city.

Bring your own picnic basket

You’re always more than welcome to bring your own food and beverages on board a GoBoat. We want to give you the best advice on what kind of food is best suited for a picnic on the water. If you want to prepare the picnic from home remember a cooling box to make sure the food stays fresh and cold up until serving.

Picnic on the water with GoBoat

Finger food

It’s a good idea to prepare food that’s easy to serve. Wether it being tiny snacks like carrots and hummus, mini pizzas, bruschetta or finger sandwiches. All food that can be eaten with fingers are ideal on board. No need to be concerned about bringing plates and cutlery.

Idea of what to bring for your picnic on the water:

  • Dew
  • Cooling bag
  • Wine cooler
  • Wine glass
  • Napkins
  • Blankets
  • Garbage bags
  • Sun screen

Where to buy food for your picnic

If you don’t want to worry about what to bring it’s easy to buy some food nearby GoBoat’s location before you depart. It's also possible to make a pit stop during your trip. If you choose the latter, then remember that at least one person must always stay in the boat. No matter what.

GoBoat Picnic

Keep an eye out for the weather forecast when going on a picnic in the nature

You can’t always predict how the weather will turn out, which means that there’s a chance of windy and cold weather on the day you’re going on a picnic. Make sure not to bring too light equipment, since there’s a great risk of the wind blowing it in the water. If the weather forecast says it will be raining, remember suitable clothing. We recommend you to read this article about the right way to dress during the different seasons.

A hot summer day on the water

On a hot summer day it’s very important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. To make it a bit more delicious you can add mint, lemon or lime in the water. As always when being on the water and especially during summer time, it’s important to remember sun screen with a high sun factor. A cap or a sun hat is also worth bringing a long.



Is it allowed to dock in during the sail?

Yes, you are allowed to dock in at different places in the harbor. Just be aware that 1 person always must remain in the boat. See the places where you can dock in at our map.

Is there any rules on how much food and beverages I can bring?

You're allowed to bring all the food and beverages you want. There is only a limit to how much alcohol you're allowed to drink while sailing with GoBoat. It's permitted to consume 2 items per person.

Is it possible to go to the toilet when sailing with GoBoat?

When sailing with GoBoat we always recommend our guests to go to the toilet before departure. From each location it varies whether there's toilets or not. The same counts as for possibilities to dock in during the sail.

What do we do with our trash?

Often you'll be left with some trash after the sail. Remember to leave the boat nice and clean as you received it. There are trash cans at each location.