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Photo: Signe Greiner

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Eric Ziengs CMO GoBoat Boat Rental

Eric Ziengs
Chief Marketing Officer
+45 41 42 75 67 (no customer support)

Press contact and trip reviews

Would you as a journalist like to get in touch with GoBoat? Please contact Eric. We are happy to talk about the GoBoat experience in the cities (Germany but also Denmark, Sweden, Italy, the US) we operate in, our business in general (worldwide, our brand/concept), experiences on the water, tourism and other relevant areas. Below you can find the spokes people. Please contact Eric for interviews etc. Please go to GoBoat Australia or GoBoat UK for the local press contacts there.

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Spokes people

Kasper Eich-Romme GoBoat Boat Rental

Kasper Eich-Romme

Kasper typically talks about the values, partnerships and visions of GoBoat as well as our sustainability focus and the history of GoBoat as a co-counder.

Anders Ekelund GoBoat Boat Rental

Anders Ekelund Mørck
CEO & Co-founder

Anders typically talks about the business aspects of GoBoat Denmark, Germany and worldwide as well as as a co-founder the history of GoBoat.

Sara Kæstel Operations Manager GoBoat Boat Rental

Eric Ziengs

Eric typically talks about the products and services of GoBoat, our day to day work, safety and general news.

Boat rental at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen GoBoat

GoBoat at a glance

GoBoat was Established in Berlin in 2021 as a joint venture between GoBoat ApS from Denmark and SolarWaterWorld - a leading boat rental company in Berlin. The electric boats are rented to use on the Spree with local crew helping customers have the best experience.

GoBoat was started in 2014 in Copenhagen by 3 Danes, Anders, Kasper and Carl. They still own the company. Starting with 8 electric rental boats, now there are about 60 boats in Denmark end about 220 worldwide. We also operate in Sweden and Italy, the US as well as the UK and Australia. We are constantly growing but keep our focus on opening the water for everyone.

In 2022 worldwide more than 65.000 times a GoBoat was booked. Each boat fits 8 people. On average 5 people sail in a boat. That means about 325.000 people sailed with GoBoat in 2022. Since it's start more than 1,5 mio people have sailed in a GoBoat

GoBoat numbers

  • Boats in Germany: 8
  • Boats worldwide: 220
  • Employees in Germany: 8(seasonal and full time)
  • Employees worldwide: 200 (seasonal and full time)
  • Bookings in 2022 worldwide: 65.000

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Company sailing with GoBoat

Berlin - Osthafen

Friends sailing GoBoat Odense

Berlin Köpenich