Activity kits for kids

We have different activity packages, which you can buy to accompany the sailing. On this page you can read about our activity kits for children. We recommend that you order the desired activity kit online when you book, to ensure it is available when you are going out sailing.

Kid playing with Søstjernemissionen

The Seastar Mission

The Seastar mission is an activity kit to keep kids entertained during the sail. They will be presented with maritime values in small edutainment tasks and the importance of keeping the water clean in a fun way. You will also get a piece of rope with you, so you can practice real maritime knots.

The Seastar mission is suitable for 4-12 year olds. The activity kit includes:

  • Map of the harbour
  • Activity sheet
  • Pencil
  • Rope
  • Knot exercises
  • Diploma

Price: 7€. Add when booking online.

The GoBoat Challenge

Quiz for adults - the winner gets a pencil that can be planted! The GoBoat Challenge game shares knowledge with you about the maritime world. You compete in two teams finding out who knows the most about the water. You choose one quiz master and the others in the boat are divided into two teams. You draw questions and get points if you answer correctly. The winning team gets a Sprout pencil, which has seeds at the end. Plant it at home and get a basil plant. Quiz away. You will be challenged on your knowledge - about the water on the water.

This activity kit is great entertainment while you are sailing and enjoying yourself on the water. You only need one set per boat.

The GoBoat Challenge is suitable for adults.

The activity kit includes:

  • A pencil from Sprout with seeds for planting
  • 20 x question cards
  • A scoreboard
  • A set of rules

Price: 10€. (you only need one kit per boat)