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5 good reasons to go sailing during winter

By Laura Holsteinborg

Last updated February 09, 2023

When temperature takes a dive it can be a quite cold experience to move outside. Not all of us are born vikings and that’s why we have found 5 good reasons why you should go outside and sail even though it’s very cold.

Below we have listed the 5 good reasons why to go sailing during winter.

  • You can easily keep warm even if it’s cold
  • You can bring provisions to help keep you warm
  • You have the harbor to yourself
  • It gets cozier we move closer together
  • Safety is still on top

1. How to keep warm outside

Do not fear the cold! There’s always ways to keep warm, even when you’re on the water. Read along and learn how to keep the warmth the best you can.

When temperatures drop to something close to the freezing point it’s quite normal that we lose some of our body heat through the head. At the same time both our ears and nose are very sensitive to cold weather. Therefore it’s important to buy a nice warm beanie to keep your head from freezing. It’s not only the head you must take care of when being outside. Your neck is also very important to protect and keep shielded from the cold. To keep warm hands and feet must always be protected. Get yourself a nice pair of gloves and some lined boots.

Sit comfortably and keep the warmth while being on the water

During your sail you can bring cushions and blankets to keep the warmth. At GoBoat there’s taken care of both if you go sailing in one of their boats. Blankets make sure you keep your warmth during the whole sail.

2. When the cold bites, treat yourself

Change the cold tap water with either coffee, tea or hot chocolate to drink on the way. Drinking something nice and hot can help you keep warm. 

Remember to eat before sailing

It’s important to eat when it’s cold. Your body starts the combustion when it’s cold, and therefore it’s extra important to keep your stomach full. It’s about consuming more calories than you burn when it’s cold. When temperature drops your body will automatically increase the combustion which will make your body temperature rise. And that’s why you need to ensure that you go sailing with a full stomach or at least that you bring food.    

GoBoat In Copenhagen During Winter

4) You have the harbor to yourself

If you sail during winter it’s limited how many other vessels there’s in the harbor, which means you’ll have the harbor almost to yourself. During summer time the harbor teems with life along the waterfront and in the harbor.

The calm surroundings makes it a very pleasant place to go sailing in a slow tempo without being disturbed by any other boats. Together with family and friends you’ll be able to completely relax and just enjoy the moment without any stress.

Why is it important to relax?

When you relax your body and mind recover and in this way you’ll build up renewed energy. If you forget to relax your body is constantly working overtime and you risk ending up stressed. Health authorities recommend that you make sure to relax once in a while. When you relax and find yourself in calm surroundings your blood pressure drops and so does your pulse. This happens because you will automatically breathe deeper and slower.

GoBoat Cover On The Boat With Bimini

5) Safety on the water

It’s always quite essential that safety is on top when you’re out on the water. The same safety precautions apply during summer and winter. At GoBoat safety is a high priority. Read along and learn about the most important information for you to be a responsible captain. Always make sure that there's a life vest for all passengers on board. At GoBoat all guests get a life vest with them when they go out sailing. It’s not a legal requirement to wear it though.

As a captain it’s important to keep an eye and to be alert in order to avoid collisions with other boats. Use your common sense and assess the risk of collusion. Never take any chances. That’s the best way to take good care of yourself and other fellow passengers.


How do I keep warm on the water during winter?

When you're on the water you can keep warm in different ways. Firstly it's important to wear warm clothes and bring more just in case. You can also borrow a blanket.

Can I go sailing when it's raining?

Yes, no problem. Just remember to wear rain clothes.