GoBoat around the world

By Eric Ziengs

Last updated February 13, 2023

GoBoat was born in 2014 at Islands Brygge in the harbor of Copenhagen. Three young entrepreneurs, Kasper Eich-Romme, Anders Ekelund Mørck and Carl Kai Rand, wanted to make the water accessible to everyone. With electric rental boats, they started a democratization of the water, which has spread like rings in the water ever since - both nationally and internationally. Read along for the story of how GoBoat has developed and grown since 2014.

Where can GoBoat be found?

In 2022, GoBoat’s electrical boats can be found in many places around the world. The maritime business is spread over 15 different locations in five different countries. In addition to Denmark, the countries include Sweden, England, Germany and Australia. GoBoat's locations are located in the following cities: Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Malmö, Berlin, Paddington, Kingston, Canary Wharf, Birmingham, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Growth in GoBoat continues. Each of GoBoat's locations has something unique to offer the guests. Continue reading to learn much more about what there is to experience around GoBoat's different locations.

Each location is opened based on the same desire: to offer a sustainable experience on the water, where social interaction and the feeling of freedom are in focus. The blue urban space provides a new, special perspective on the cities and harbor areas, and this creates joy for people. The common denominator for GoBoat's locations is the development from a port being industrial to being a recreational playground, where presence, intimacy and freedom are in focus.

The concept of GoBoat

A trip on the water gives the feeling of freedom, and being your own captain with GoBoat increases this feeling of freedom. GoBoat is a present maritime experience, where the desire from the start has been to make the water an experience where all the senses come into use. With GoBoat it is easy to pack a picnic which can be enjoyed on the water, as the boats have picnic tables located in the middle. Read more about the perfect picnic here. GoBoat is designed to accommodate a crew of 8 people, who can sail around the urban spaces together.

Common to all GoBoat locations is the desire for a sustainable experience on the water, and the sustainable approach repeats itself in many different branches of GoBoat. Everywhere, the focus is on a clean harbor, which is not polluted by use. The boats are built with electric motors, which makes the boats silent and creates an idyllic trip through the waters. The boats are produced in sustainable material – this applies to the boat itself and the picnic table. GoBoat sails on solar, wind and water energy.

GoBoat Islands Brygge

2014 was the year when Danish GoBoat was brought to life in Copenhagen. With a central location in the Harbor of Copenhagen, the desire was to make it easily accessible for all locals and tourists to take a trip on the water. The central location at Islands Brygge gave the opportunity for people to get well around the harbor to experience the many facets that the city's blue space entails.

The Port of Copenhagen has gone through a long development from having been an industrial port to now being an open recreational port that is full of experiences. GoBoat has been part of this development in terms of the desire to democratize the harbor area and make the water accessible to everyone. The Port of Copenhagen is a quiet port with many sights near the coastline, which makes it an obvious choice for a sailing trip where the sights can be experienced in quiet surroundings. On a sailing trip in Copenhagen Harbor you sail under 24 bridges, read more about the bridges here.

GoBoat Islands Brygge

GoBoat Islands Brygge, Denmark

Number of boats: 40

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GoBoat Malmø

The first time GoBoat searched for more international waters was in 2015. Initially, the trip reached Malmø in Sweden, which is closely located to Copenhagen. The GoBoat base is located in Malmø Harbor in the area of the old town, which is the historic heart of the city. Like the port of Copenhagen, Malmø is an old port city which has undergone a major development – from a raw and industrial port to now forming the framework for a more inclusive area with space for cultural experiences.

Sailing around in Malmø

The old part of Malmø is particularly known for Malmø Castle, which is surrounded by parkland and a moat. This can be experienced from a trip in a GoBoat, as the canal runs through the castle park. When sailing, you also go past the Östra and Södra Promenade, which leads through the Rörsjökanalen and the Södra Forstadskanalen. These are canals that run through the vibrant part of Malmø.

Malmø is a city full of good dining options, where restaurants and bars can be found in the streets. A meal can be enjoyed before or after a sailing trip with GoBoat - but can also be taken with you.

GoBoat In Malmö

GoBoat in Malmö

Number of boats: 5
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GoBoat Paddington

GoBoat continued the journey towards international waters. In 2016, a location in Paddington in England came to life. GoBoat could now invite locals and tourists on board for fun sailing around the central Paddington Basin.

Paddington station is a busy hub for London and it only takes 10 minutes to walk to popular Hyde Park or vibrant Oxford street. The Paddington area has undergone a transformation with a desire to become a district that can offer something different from the rest of London. The area has always been characterized by large, shiny office buildings, which today are connected with frameworks for culture, wildlife and identity. Paddington is a place where there is a very special character of presence. The area can provide a break from the busy life of the big city, as it exudes peace and relaxation. A recreational district has been created with space for living.

Attractions in Paddington Basin

Paddington Basin has gained two new bridges to the area. These are the Fan Bridge and the Rolling Bridge, which cross the ends of Paddington Basin. The Fan Bridge opens like a fan, high up in the air, while the Rolling Bridge opens by rolling up. The two bridges have therefore become popular to observe. Both bridges can be experienced from the seat of a GoBoat.

Restaurants and cafes can be found around the GoBoat base, where refreshments can be enjoyed before the sailing trip, but can also be taken on board the boat. Green areas can also be enjoyed and provide a break from city life.

GoBoat in Paddington

GoBoat in Paddington

Number of boats: 15
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GoBoat Canberra

A big step happened in 2017, when GoBoat opened a location on the other side of the earth. Canberra in Australia was born – the first of several Australian bases. The base is located on Lake Burley Griffin.

Maritime experiences in Canberra

The area near the lake gives rise to a visit, regardless of whether it is by water, land or in the air, from which you want to enjoy the quiet undulations of the water. On land, there are good opportunities to cycle, track or run around the lake, which is full of nature and recreational areas. It is also popular to float in a hot air balloon, where life around the lake is experienced at a fantastic height.

The area is a place where you can unfold freely and relax from the pulsating life of the big city. The maritime is combined in beautiful harmony with nature. During a boat trip on the lake, it is possible to see some of the city's best-known sights. For example, it is possible to sail past the national bell tower, which is a 50-meter bell tower, where the music from the carillon drifts along the lake. Sail under the historic Waterloo Bridge at Commonwealth, where the construction takes on a completely different expression when you look up at it. Seeing Canberra's main buildings from the water gives a whole new perspective on familiar buildings.

GoBoat in Canberra

Number of boats: 12
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GoBoat Aalborg

After opening in Sweden, England and Australia, the three entrepreneurs decided to expand in Denmark. In 2017, GoBoat invited guests to sail on Limfjorden as GoBoat Aalborg opened. In Aalborg there is Limfjordenen, which is a long fjord that connects Kattegat and the North Sea. With a sailing trip on Limfjorden, it is possible to experience Aalborg from the water side. The desire for the Jutland location was to give visitors in Aalborg the GoBoat experience.

A city of culture

Aalborg has developed from being a working-class city to now being a city packed with culture. The Aalborg Tower from 1933 has always been iconic for the North Jutland city, but today there are many more cultural buildings that share that title. The architectural gem Musikkens Hus is today also recognizable for Aalborg as a city. Musikkens Hus is located on the waterfront with a view of Limfjorden, and is therefore an obvious place to experience from the water in a GoBoat, where a new perspective on the building can be experienced. The Utzon Center is also part of the new harbor environment that is being developed in Aalborg. The Utzon Center is a meeting point for architecture, design and art and is worth a visit.

Aalborg is also a city with many restaurants and cafes, which you can find both around the Harbor Promenade or if the trip goes into the old town. The visit can also go to Aalborg Streetfood, which is located by Skudehavnen.

GoBoat in Aalborg

GoBoat in Aalborg

Number of boats: 7
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GoBoat Melbourne

GoBoat grew further into Australia with the opening of a location in Melbourne in 2019. Melbourne is the second largest city and the coastal capital of Australia. In Melbourne, GoBoat experiences take place on the Yarra River. The base is located on vibrant Flinders Street, named after the iconic railway and tube station located in the area. The Yarra River is over 240 km long and runs through Melbourne, and has always had a central role for the city. The Yarra River was the primary food source for Aboriginal Australians, and was later used for transport through the city. Today, the river is iconic for the city center.

A living metropolis

Melbourne is a city known for its cultural scene and tourist attractions. The city is packed with historic bridges and buildings as well as newer architecture, and this mix provides a fantastic scene from the water side, where the city's buildings can be experienced. A prominent building is the Arts Center Melbourne, which houses a theater, concert halls and outdoor stages for performances. The building is known for its spiral which shoots far into the air, and is almost unmissable during a visit to the river. The bridge that crosses the river right by the art center is the old princess bridge from 1888. The river also has various water activities, including kayaking, paddleboards and river cruising, and is therefore often a busy area.

There are many restaurants and cafes around GoBoat's base, where a culinary sensory experience can be enjoyed with the view of the busy river. It is also recommended to experience the river in the evening, when the waterfront is filled with lights from nearby restaurants. It is obvious to stop by The Crown Casino, which is known for its flashy appearance and great lights.

GoBoat in Melbourne

GoBoat in Melbourne

Number of boats: 20
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GoBoat Kingston

In 2019, GoBoat also opened a new base in London. Kingston was the second location in London. Kingston is a royal borough of London because the borough contains several royal residences. Kingston is located 19 km south of central London. In Kingston, the River Thames runs through the city, which is the 346 km long river that runs through the south of England.

With a boat trip on the Thames in Kingston, it is possible to experience most of the district's attractions due to the central location. The GoBoat base is located in the middle of the River Thames, which enables a sailing trip to the north, where a scenic area awaits. Experience a suspension bridge at Teddington Lock. The bridge can also be experienced by foot, where you get a view beyond the Thames. The sailing trip can also go south, where Hampton Court Palace can be experienced from the water, which gives a completely new perspective on the beautiful area.

Kingston has a vibrant city life with a bustling café culture where you can enjoy a refreshment before or after a trip on the water. A recommendation is to take a picnic on the boat, and combine the maritime with a taste experience.

GoBoat in Kingston

GoBoat in Kingston

Number of boats: 15
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GoBoat Odense

GoBoat opened the third Danish location in Odense in 2021. Odense Harbor is a quiet harbor with a sprouting cultural life. Odense Harbor was built in the 19th century as an industrial port, but is now undergoing a transformation, where the port will accommodate various recreational activities and experiences on and around the water.

With GoBoat you can sail around Byens Ø and enjoy a picnic with a view of the area's development. Byens Ø is an island located in the middle of the harbor which can be visited via a bridge. The island contains sports areas, a beach, a harbor bath and bars, but is still under development. The sailing trip can also go along Kanalvej, where a special mix of town houses, nature and harborfront can be experienced. After a trip in GoBoat, you can experience the center of Odense, where especially H. C. Andersen's house and the associated museum are worth a visit.

GoBoat In Odense

GoBoat in Odense

Number of boats: 4
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GoBoat Berlin

GoBoat opened in Berlin in 2021. In Berlin, the 400 km long river Spree runs through the city center. The river is therefore a central part of the city, and has countless bridges that cross the river and link the parts of the city together. The GoBoat base is located in the district of Friedrichshain, which is part of the old East Berlin. The area is subdued with an intimate atmosphere, where art and alternativity are in focus. Berlin is a historic city with many sights and attractions, some of which are located around the GoBoat location.

GoBoat in historic Germany

The historic Oberbaumbrücke bridge, which connects the two districts Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, is particularly well known for the area. The brick bridge from 1896 has become a sign that Berlin is a united city after the war. The bridge's popularity is also mainly due to the impressive view that the bridge offers visitors. The bridge can be experienced from the seat of a GoBoat, and the impressive construction is experienced in a completely different perspective from the water. It is also possible to see the Molecular Men up close in a GoBoat, which is a large aluminum sculpture that also represents the unity in post-war Germany.

There are green areas along the river, restaurants and good places to eat a picnic. Berlin is a city that offers historical, cultural and gastronomic experiences.

GoBoat in Berlin

GoBoat in Berlin

Number of boats: 6
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GoBoat Brisbane

The third location in Australia opened in 2021, with two new bases in Brisbane. First, Kangaroo Point opened and then Breakfast Creek. In Brisbane you sail around Brisbane River, which runs through Queensland. The river is the heart of the city and both locals and tourists' spend time by the river.

GoBoat Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo Point is an area in the southern suburb of Brisbane. Kangaroo Point has many of the city's attractions in the area and with the GoBoat base's central location, many of these can be experienced from the water. Kangaroo Point is particularly known for the Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park – a park with high cliffs next to the river. There is a very special view of Kangaroo Point and the river from the top of the rocks. Story Bridge is an iconic bridge for Kangaroo Point which crosses Brisbane River.

GoBoat Breakfast Creek

Breakfast Creek is a small area located in the northern part of Brisbane River. The area consists of a small canal which is connected to the Brisbane River. Newstead Park is close to the GoBoat base, which is a historic park with palm trees and green spaces. The park can be experienced from the water, but is also worth a visit before or after a trip with GoBoat.

GoBoat In Brisbane

GoBoat in Brisbane

Number of boats: 10
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GoBoat Canary Wharf

GoBoat in London also grew in 2021, with the opening of Canary Wharf. It is London's third GoBoat base. Canary Wharf is a district characterized by business and is a major financial center. Canary Wharf houses the three tallest buildings in Great Britain. It is a completely different experience to sail among these tall glass buildings compared to the other bases in London.

GoBoat as a link between business and recreation

The boat trip takes place in the small quiet basins that are located between the tall building silhouettes. In addition to being a business area, the district also consists of recreational areas that locals and tourists can enjoy. GoBoat contributes to the recreational development and offers a calm trip on the water.

Canary Wharf has over 300 shops, restaurants, cafes and bars which can be visited all year round. The city holds events all year round, so there is always something new to experience in the area. Several roof terraces can be found on top of the tall buildings, so if you want to experience the tall buildings from the top floor, this is an option.

GoBoat in Canary Wharf

GoBoat in Canary Wharf

Number of boats: 10
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GoBoat Gold Coast

In 2022, the fourth location in Australia opened. The base is located in Cabarita park, which is next to the Parramatta River.

What to experience in Sydney

In GoBoat Sydney, you can sail on the 15 km long river, Parramatta River. You can see the Shipwreck Lookout, which was built in Great Britain in 1911 for the purpose of transporting coal and the Henry Searle Monument, which is a monument built in honor of Henry Searle, who won the world championship in sculler. Along the river there are also a lot of beautiful parks, harbors, beaches, restaurants and cafés.

There are several small islands in the river, including Cockatoo, where there are parks, cafes and the Convict Precint, which is an old prison.

The base is located in the smaller canals of Sydney, to avoid too much stream in the water and collisions with larger boats or ferries. At the same time, it also gives a more cozy and intimate feeling.

GoBoat In Sydney

GoBoat in Sydney

Number of boats: 8

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GoBoat Geelong

GoBoat brought its floating picnics to the Geelong Waterfront during the summer 2022. Following an epic few years in Melbourne, GoBoat made its way regional Victoria, opening its second-ever Victorian operation in Geelong. Docking at Royal Geelong Yacht Club, Australia’s favourite electric picnic boats are gifting locals and tourists alike a new way to explore the waterfront with a safe, family-friendly, instagrammable experience. From inside the boat, you’ll be able to explore Corio Bay for either one hour, two hours, three hours, four hours or five hours.

GoBoat In Sydney

GoBoat in Geelong

Number of boats:

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GoBoat Aarhus

In 2022, GoBoat opened the fourth Danish location. GoBoat is now represented in the four largest cities of Denmark. GoBoat Aarhus is located on Byens Ø next to the Dome in Aarhus Harbor. Byens Ø is a 25,000 square meter green city park. When you walk into the city park, you are greeted by hilltops with flowers, paths and lots of plants. The park is made with several recycled materials.

Inside the city park, you have the opportunity for multiple activities. Besides sailing with GoBoat, you can play a game of volleyball on the beach volleyball courts or you can sit down on one of the many benches and enjoy the view of the harbour.

If you go for a walk on Aarhus Ø or if you want to enjoy a few hours outdoors by the water, you can buy the most delicious beers, wine, water and snacks at GoBoat's Fyrtårnet (the lighthouse).

GoBoat In Aarhus

GoBoat in Aarhus

Number of boats: 4

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GoBoat Birmingham

GoBoat opened its fourth British location in 2022. A fun taster session for city boating in Birmingham. Locals as well as tourists can choose from the North or South routes. You can explore the historic port loops, Birmingham's canal network and return along on the Birmingham main line.

GoBoat In Aarhus

GoBoat in Birmingham

Number of boats:

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GoBoat locations opening years

  • 2014: GoBoat Islands Brygge
  • 2015: GoBoat Malmø
  • 2016: GoBoat Paddington
  • 2017: GoBoat Canberra
  • 2017: GoBoat Aalborg
  • 2019: GoBoat Melbourne
  • 2019: GoBoat Kingston
  • 2021: GoBoat Odense
  • 2021: GoBoat Berlin
  • 2021: GoBoat Brisbane
  • 2021: GoBoat Canary Wharf
  • 2022: GoBoat Gold Coast
  • 2022: GoBoat Geelong
  • 2022: GoBoat Birmingham
  • 2022: GoBoat Aarhus


When was GoBoat founded?

GoBoat started at Islands Brygge in the Copenhagen Harbor back in 2014.

Is GoBoat located more places in Denmark?

Yes, GoBoat has 4 different locations in Denmark. Copenhagen, Aalborg, Odense and Aarhus.

How many people is allowed in a GoBoat?

GoBoat has room for a crew of max 8 people, where one of the 8 is the captain, who must be over 18 years old.

Is it allowed to bring food on board at all the locations?

Yes, there are picnic tables in the boats at all GoBoats locations.